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2021 -Launch of the 2021 Global UNWTO Students League

2021 -Launch of the 2021 Global UNWTO Students League

The UNWTO Students’ Leaguecreates an innovative environment that helps National public and private sector stakeholders to foster talent development and obtain innovative sustainable solutions for the challenges they face. This initiative empowers and motivates travel & tourism students to get involved within the industry and participate in this world students tourism league getting real-time experience from the sector by creating and presenting innovative solutions for the challenges that the sector is facing nowadays. This tool also bridges the gap between students’ education and training and the realities of our sector because by working on creating these sustainable solutions, these young people then enter the labor market as highly qualified and skilled professionals capable of adapting to any situation that may arise.

Challenges are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, placing an emphasis on Goals 8, 12 and 14, in which tourism is featured and will match the SDGs requirements.

The 2021 Global UNWTO Students League​​​​​​

The 2021 Global UNWTO Students League also aims to reach out to younger ages and introduce them to our amazing sector and therefore the Challenges this year have been created for 4 age/study categories.

    • 2 independent Challenges to choose from:
      • 1 on Rural development through Tourism
      • 1 on Plastics Pollution
    • Participants: Students from Schools/Institutions/Universities around the world, in 4 categories:
      • 11 to 13 year olds - Registration per school (the school decides how many students work on the solution and designates a representative among the participating students)
      • 14 to 18 year olds - Team of 5 students 
      • Undergraduate Tourism students (19 to 25 year olds) - Team of 5 students 
      • Tourism Master degree students (maximum 29 years old) - Team of 5 students 

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